With BLANCO CHOICE there’s limitless ways to enjoy water directly from your kitchen.

Introducing BLANCO CHOICE, a versatile solution that will revolutionise your water  experience, offering limitless options to cater for every water taste. Whether sparkling,  boiling, filtered chilled, or unfiltered water, BLANCO CHOICE puts it all at your fingertips. With its innovative features and space-saving installation, you can now customise your water experience effortlessly. You can precisely control the temperature, bubbles or quantity and save 4 personal settings conveniently via the BLANCO app.

Maximum water enjoyment is created with the ideal combination of CHOICE Icona semi-professional tap and CHOICE.All water conditioning unit, together they provide one solution for all types of water. Plus CHOICE can be perfectly combined with BLANCO storage accessories to maximise cabinet space. Immerse yourself with the ultimate freedom of choice and dispense water exactly the way you like it.

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